Monday, January 16, 2012

Help others, but keep a limit!!!

Lord is a student in the National University of Bangladesh. His background of study is Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). He got admitted in this university in the 2008. Now he is in the 7th semester. He had a little knowledge about computer and for what he always showed off his expertise to others. One day a senior lady came to him and asked to help her to prepare her internship report. He thought it would be a great chance to learn how to write internship report. He took the responsibility to prepare it for the senior lady. Surprisingly it took less time for him to prepare the report. The lady disclosed the qualities of Lord in front of her friends and other students in the department. Gradually, he became popular among his classmates. There was another reason behind his fame, which is his punctuality. His teachers as well as other junior students began to seek help from him. He got a little bit busy doing all these things and helping others. In the meanwhile, other classmates were shining in their results. But he was getting detached from his studies and attached with these unnecessary jobs. His CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) was gradually falling down but he did not notice. It was so late, when he understood that his CGPA is much lower in contrast with his classmates. Then he decided he would not show off everywhere and he reduced the frequency of helping others.
The moral of this story is  
Excess show off might mislead you.

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