Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Life of an Eaglet

Once upon a time an Eagle has no nest to live. So that she laid her egg in the nest of a Moorfowl in the jungle. The Moorfowl incubated the egg with care. Oneday a little eaglet came out of that egg. It was growing up as a Moorfowl baby. It started behaving like Moorfowl and started crowing like it and it never new how to fly high in the sky. Days were passing by and by...

One day it saw an Eagle was flying in the sky. It was astonished to see, something up in the air and asked so called mother, what was that?

The mother Moorfowl stated " It's an Eagle, an awesome big bird. Though you look like this bird but you were born as a Moorfowl. You can never fly like that bird." 
The Eaglet believed the mother Moorfowl and never tried to fly. The days were passing somehow. The Eaglet was grown up and one day it died. 

The Eaglet was born to fly high in the sky but that truth remained unknown to him!

The Moral of this story is...

"In this world there are lots of people start their life with such extra-ordinary powers, but most of remain unable to proper utilize their power"

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Translated from: Facebook

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