Thursday, April 26, 2012

Impossible is Nothing

I am a graduate student today but I think I could not have survived this much if someone special in my life would not have sacrificed the most favorite thing of his life. The special person I am going to talk about is my father. Let me come from the first scene I remember. In my very mere age my father used to work as a night guard in the embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran which is situated in Dhaka. For which he always was the latest person to return in our locality. During this profession he went through great joyful and comfortable life.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

“Time and Tide wait for none” but “Life is more valuable then time”.

Janu was a pickup van driver living in the Old Dhaka regions. He had a kid who was only four or five years old and lost her mother in a very mere age. Then the driver got remarried with her second wife Shahinoor. By a one year she also got pregnant. Oh! I forgot to tell you that he was an inhabitant of Faridpur (one of the sixty four districts and is supervised under Dhaka division in Bangladesh).

Monday, April 16, 2012

Might is Right: Story on ICC World Cup 2011

I am an inhabitant of Bangladesh. It was really a thrilling and enchanting matter for us that ICC World Cup 2011 will be held in the South Asian countries including the Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India. As I was living a few kilometers away from the Mirpur Stadium at Dhaka therefore I thought a dream of mine will come true. Along with me some other friends of mine also dreamt of watching the ICC World Cup live in the stadium sitting before the players. We were just building castles in the air regarding this event.
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