Monday, September 2, 2013

Bow: The ups and downs of Life

After a long break I have come again to write a moral story about my practical life experience. 

Let me start the tale - 

Last night I could not sleep well because of load shedding problem which made me to get late in the morning today. Today my morning started at 12.00 pm. I woke up and did typical day to day activities and got ready for my office. When I went to the rickshaw stand most of the rickshaw pullers denied to take me to my desired destination. Some how I managed to get to the bus stand and got into a mini-bus. It was almost late for me to reach office and in the meanwhile the mini-bus entered into a gas refilling station and it was taking so much time, this is why I had to leave the bus and walk on my foots.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Don’t tell a lie...Fix the Fox

Following our past experience about "People are not always what they appear to be" we have come to know about another experience about lying and its demerits. Let's check out what we have learnt - 

Rafael is one of the best advocates in the southeastern Barcelona. In his advocacy career he never failed to get is clients rid of the litigations which were placed against them. With his intelligence and sense of humor he helped all his clients to get rid of all their blames. He made it possible by hook or by crook. The life was awesome to him because he had experienced the best moments in it with his girlfriend Lily. They were about to get married as he remained one of the famous persons in the society.

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