Monday, September 2, 2013

Bow: The ups and downs of Life

After a long break I have come again to write a moral story about my practical life experience. 

Let me start the tale - 

Last night I could not sleep well because of load shedding problem which made me to get late in the morning today. Today my morning started at 12.00 pm. I woke up and did typical day to day activities and got ready for my office. When I went to the rickshaw stand most of the rickshaw pullers denied to take me to my desired destination. Some how I managed to get to the bus stand and got into a mini-bus. It was almost late for me to reach office and in the meanwhile the mini-bus entered into a gas refilling station and it was taking so much time, this is why I had to leave the bus and walk on my foots.

I reached my office, Reve Systems and got into our department on the 13th floor of Facilities Tower. I logged into my account from one of my colleague's PC. It took almost 3.00pm for him to leave the desk and that is why I could not get any desk to sit. I was turning furious about this issue and asked one of our senior colleagues to solve this issue. 

No PCs were free for me to sit before and and it took about 6.00pm for me to get a free desk to sit before and work on. Somehow I spent my leisure time from 3.00pm to 6.00pm and started working in a desk that I got freed. It was just a boring day for me to pass because I had nothing to do. Somehow I overcame the duty hour doing some server updating activities and then it was 10.30pm and we were preparing for getting back to home. We got down from our office building and got into the office's car.

One by one the car dropped all of the colleagues of our department and at last it was my turn to get down from the car because I was near my home and was feeling like tired of passing a boring day. At 11.45pm I entered my room. My mom was awake and did not have her dinner because of me. So I got freshened and started eating.

Suddenly my mom said that my cousin who was pregnant gave birth to a sweet little angelic girl. I was amazed to hear that. This was my first good news of the day. 

I finished my dinner and sat before my computer and started conversation with some of my class mates of 11th Batch of Department of Business Administration of Shaikh Burhanuddin Post Graduate College. All of a sudden my friend gave me a link and said that our semester final result was published. I searched for my name in the tabulation sheet and saw that I have passed. Although I could not make it to the top but I am happy that the Almighty has given a fruit for my last 6 year's patience.

And last of all, I mean now, I have realized that -

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