Thursday, July 26, 2012

Don’t tell a lie...Fix the Fox

Following our past experience about "People are not always what they appear to be" we have come to know about another experience about lying and its demerits. Let's check out what we have learnt - 

Rafael is one of the best advocates in the southeastern Barcelona. In his advocacy career he never failed to get is clients rid of the litigations which were placed against them. With his intelligence and sense of humor he helped all his clients to get rid of all their blames. He made it possible by hook or by crook. The life was awesome to him because he had experienced the best moments in it with his girlfriend Lily. They were about to get married as he remained one of the famous persons in the society.

One day after having won a litigation of one of his clients he decided to visit package holidays in Costa Brava one of the awesome sandy beaches in Barcelona. Let me tell you that “Costa” refers to the “Coastal” region and the “Brava” refers to the “Wild” but the actual meaning of “Costa Brava” does not refer to something wild this is just a place of interest for the holiday seekers to enjoy their holidays on the sandy beaches where not only the sea shore is enjoyable but also tracking on the wild mountains. Let’s come to the point, on a suitable morning he left for the Costa Brava and by the day he reached there and managed to find a suitable accommodation somewhere in a nearby place form the beach. That day when he was in the beach he met an octogenarian who seemed to be very much interesting to him so he kept communication with him. By an evening the old man called Rafael and showed a novel titled “Fix the Fox” that he wrote during his whole life. In this novel all the stories were referring to the cunningness of the lawyers. He stated that he wanted to be famous with his master piece. Rafael borrowed the novel from him and read it that night. By the morning he was called and asked to join that old man at lunch. But it was the irony of fate that Rafael got the man dead when he reached his home. Then he thought of publishing the book and did so. But he did not acknowledge the old man’s name in the novel due to grief of fame he put his name in the author. With the publication of that novel he got a huge response from the public and got famous. Somehow the novel got in the hands of COP who was fond of reading novels. He found the novel interesting when he went through the book. The matter that interested him was five different events which were stated in detail in that book. The bell rung his brain because all the events the author stated in this book were referring to real life events which remained unsolved by the police. For this reason, the COP went to Rafael’s house and asked him whether he wrote the novel or not. He asked the same question so many times and Rafael answered with positively each time. Then the COP arrested him and took into his remand. When Rafael asked the COP for the reason, the COP replied saying that the novel was referring to real and unsolved criminal incidents where all the information was found fully similar to this writing. Then Rafael tried to take back his words saying he did not write the novel but the COP did not believe him and tortured him hardly.

Learn Every Span has got another experience to share with you in which we have learned to –

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