Monday, July 9, 2012

People are not always what they appear to be.

Once upon a time there lived a simple boy with complex thoughts. His name was Neel and he lived with his parents. He was always told that his cousins were so much faster and modern than him. He was a dull boy for others. He was a kind of introvert for this reason almost everyone did not get together with him.
His mother always rebuked him because he could not go for shopping or he always denied going to the market either that was a vegetable market or that was for something else. He had a lacking in him and that was he could not bargain for the pricings of the products. Only for this reason he never tried to shop anything alone.
He learnt many things from the world. When he was an adolescent he got another lesson from life. This time he was shocked. He did some freelancing job for which he got sufficient within few days. By the grace of the almighty he did not have to ask for financial help from any of his friends never. On the late night of June he was not feeling very well to be in his room for this reason he went out and called one of his friends named Obak. He said that he was not feeling comfortable in his room for this reason he came out on the road. They both started to walk along the street. Suddenly they had a plan in their mind to visit a friend, who is a manager at a nearby transporting agency, named Sen2. Both of Neel’s friends used to smoke whenever they got together in that agency. That night both of them along with Neel were gossiping in his agency and Obak said Sen2 had something to say about Veer, Neel’s cousin.
Then Sen2 started saying what he was about to say –
He asked whether Neel’s was in need of any financial help. Neel got in a menace that he was asked about monetary help while he did not ask for it. Then Sen2 asked Neel that Veer took about two thousand bucks saying that Neel’s mother was in need of money while his younger brother was suffering from HBsAg. The loan was taken by Veer almost one year back. But Veer did not repay the loan he took.
Hearing this Neel was just stunned. It was like a bolt from blue for him. After recovering from being stunned he declared that his mother and he had never asked for any financial help for anyone before therefore Veer cheated Sen2. From then Veer he has been behaving like nothing happened. Neel would have been deprived of this matter if his friends would not have told him. So Neel thanked them because they contributed another experience in Neel's life.
The moral that I got from this story was - 

People are not always what they appear to be.

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