Monday, February 13, 2012

Friends in need are friends indeed

Mirza liked to play with computer hardware and software. This is why his relatives call him if they face any computer related problems and he is a fool that always tries to help them even though he is in hurry for personal works. One day his uncle Mr. Farhan’s laptop was not working this is why he called Mirza. As usual he repaired his uncle’s laptop without looking at the time.

A few days after, Mirza’s pc crashed and he called his uncle to call for his friend who was the seller of Mirza’s pc. Then Mr. Farhan said that he would call his friend as soon as he gets back to home. Mirza was waiting for the response from Mr. Farhan. The time was passing by 8 to 9, 9 to 10, and when the hands of the clock was about to touch 11th hour, Mr. Farhan called him and said that he could not meet his friend and told Mirza he will take his friend with him in Mirza’s house. Then Mirza realized that Mr. Farhan was just ignoring him.

The moral of my story was -

"You might have helped someone thousands of times, but when you need them they will not even hang out with you."

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