Monday, April 16, 2012

Might is Right: Story on ICC World Cup 2011

I am an inhabitant of Bangladesh. It was really a thrilling and enchanting matter for us that ICC World Cup 2011 will be held in the South Asian countries including the Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India. As I was living a few kilometers away from the Mirpur Stadium at Dhaka therefore I thought a dream of mine will come true. Along with me some other friends of mine also dreamt of watching the ICC World Cup live in the stadium sitting before the players. We were just building castles in the air regarding this event.
The schedule of the first match in which the participating countries were Bangladesh and India was on 19th February, 2011 at 2.30 pm. We thought we are sure to watch the match in the stadium as one of our friend was working in the City Bank the only seller of match tickets in Bangladesh. Days were passing slowly. One day the tickets were made available in several locations of City Bank’s branches. One of the branches of this bank was at Islampur, Dhaka which is one of the densely populated areas in Old Dhaka. We thought we should get into queue from the night before the tickets would be sold from. For this reason all of our friends got together at Islampur at midnight at 12.30am. Our assumption worked that when we went there found there was a long queue of people gathered to purchase the tickets to watch the match. We also got into that queue. The night is really memorable because for the first time in our lives we sat before a dust bin. People were gossiping around us, we also spend the whole of the night in gossiping at the verge of the night we were feeling sleepy for that reason we collected some old newspapers from here and there and carpeted them on the road. For the first time we slept before a dust bin on the dirty road beside the drains. It was really terrible and noteworthy night for each of my friends including me. By and by the night was over after the Fajr (day’s first prayer in Islam) prayer we got back on our queues and waited for the bank to open. At about eleventh hour some punks who were the inhabitant of that area came and started to bully upon the people who were in the queue. Then the public got scattered and those punks faked with the public and told that they were trying to manage the queue. With all of their tricky talking they entered inside the queue and made it longer than before. Where we were standing after thirty persons from the ticket counter they pushed as after three hundred persons. In that ticket counter the tickets were available for only hundred and twenty persons. We understood the menace and left that queue with our gloomy faces. We returned home and slept the whole day to recover last nights sleep.

Anyways the lesson we were taught that night was –

“Might is Right”

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