Tuesday, April 24, 2012

“Time and Tide wait for none” but “Life is more valuable then time”.

Janu was a pickup van driver living in the Old Dhaka regions. He had a kid who was only four or five years old and lost her mother in a very mere age. Then the driver got remarried with her second wife Shahinoor. By a one year she also got pregnant. Oh! I forgot to tell you that he was an inhabitant of Faridpur (one of the sixty four districts and is supervised under Dhaka division in Bangladesh).

During her pregnancy Shahinoor was living at her parental house as it was her first child to be born. So he just left her in his in laws house and every weekend he went to meet her. Last weekend he had a delivery of products outside the district so that he could not meet her beloved wife. So he postponed all his plans to visit his in laws house and did his duty.

Few days back he went to visit the in laws and to see what were the conditions of Shahinoor? She was very charmed to see that her husband came to see her crossing almost hundred miles from his house. He stayed there for two days which were really memorable to both of them. Shahinoor insisted Janu to stay there for the week. He thought of her health and decided to stay there for a week. But that day his boss called him back and asked for another delivery. For this reason he had to hurry to get back to work.

Some how he managed his wife to permit him to get back to Dhaka. Every one at his in laws house was asking to stay there for few days more with them. But he denied all of them and purchased a ticket to get back to Dhaka. When he arrived at the bus stand the bus was fully to brim. There was not a single space to stand still. So he thought he should get on the roof of the bus so that it will be enjoying as well as easy on his part of journey. (In the South Asian countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and some other countries the population is dense for which it is often seen that people use the top of the buses and trains for their transportation.) Janu took such decision and got up to the top of the bus. The bus was moving faster and the scenario was awesome from the bridge over the Padma River. When the bus was passing through a CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) operated auto-rickshaw came in front of the bus by chance. The bus driver had to hit the hydraulic break to save the auto-rickshaw and it was successful to do so. But Janu slid from the top of the bus and fell down upon the road in front of the bus. He was hit in the head so badly and died on the spot.

All I want to say about this incident is the intensity of hurrying in everywhere. We should keep in mind the following moral that –
“Time and Tide wait for none” but “Life is more valuable then time”.

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