Thursday, April 26, 2012

Impossible is Nothing

I am a graduate student today but I think I could not have survived this much if someone special in my life would not have sacrificed the most favorite thing of his life. The special person I am going to talk about is my father. Let me come from the first scene I remember. In my very mere age my father used to work as a night guard in the embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran which is situated in Dhaka. For which he always was the latest person to return in our locality. During this profession he went through great joyful and comfortable life.

But due to some bureaucracy of some other colleagues of his office he had to leave his only source of income and our family’s only financial support. After that nightmare dream our life had changed. My father became a vagabond and started to smoke daily. Some day he inhaled almost five or six packets of cigarettes which were really annoying especially for me. I always remain on the other side of the flow whenever it comes on cigarette smoking. I did not know that “cigarette smoking is injurious to health” hence I disliked it much. One day we were out for a family picnic with more than 200 peoples. I sat with one of my uncle who was a chain smoker but I was completely unaware of his habit. This unawareness caused a great difficulty for me. My friends said that I was gone out of my mind for almost half an hour. My father understood my problem and thought of it.
Six years later when I was in the twelfth standard my lunges got affected with Bacteria that caused me to suffer from TB (Tuberculosis Bacillus). My health was weakening day by day. I turned into a man who has only skeletons without any muscles. I was hospitalized but my health was not improving. One more thing I would like to say is “My father loved me more than anything in this world”. For this reason he was always there with me and took the best care of my health. One day got a chance to ask for something and I did. I asked my father to leave his only bad habit which was not only affecting him but also was taking our lives at stake. My father firstly denied me but from the second day I saw that my father did not smell like he smoked that day. I thought he might have washed his tongue so that he does not smell. Two days passed I was astonished and asked my mother whether my father left cigarette smoking or not. She said that he left smoking since the day I asked him to leave it. I just got another lesson in my death bed that there is nothing in this world that can enslave a human being, although I was recovered by the patience and potentials of my parents. Again there is nothing in this world that men can not enslave.
The moral of my experience indicates two things those are almost similar –

“Impossible is nothing.”
“Man is not a slave of his own habit rather habit is the slave of man.”

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