Saturday, May 5, 2012

In order to sleep well, you need to wake up first!

I have come from a simple living middle class family where there is a bunch of problems already set up in your life. The reason of saying bunch of problems indicates that there might be a solution to a problem but another problem will automatically arrive in front of you before you have resolved the first one. Anyways as I said there are lots of problems those are surrounding my life one of them I have shared with all of you because I am contrasting my problems with a national menace. My stories might seem boring but I always share my experiences only and only those experiences which taught me something.

It was almost half past two at midnight. Generally I go to bed at 2 or 3 am in the morning. But that night I went to bed early. I was enjoying my sleep and the dreams those were hovering around my mind. In the meanwhile I felt something bit on my back. I did not realize it firstly but it was continually biting me. I got up and lit the lights in my bedroom. The astonishing thing was I found lots of ants were marching on my bed with a dead cockroach. I got a mop in my hand and forced it on my bed. All on a sudden I saw there were no ants left in my bed, not even the cockroach.

Then I went to my bed again and tried to sleep. But something raised a storm in my brain to think what I have done. All the night I kept thinking about the matter but was failing each time I researched the matter. Just before the dawn I found my answer. The solution I got was related with our country. Let me say something about it –

Bangladesh used to be in the least10 ranked corrupted countries in the last few years. Though it has improved its conditions to the ranking is at the 120th position of the Transparency International’s, Corruption Perceptions Index, 2011. The reason of this ranking was caused due to some insect formed human beings who did not think of others but did all their crimes. They did brutal murdering of the innocent people, kidnapping, thefts, robberies and many other mischievous deeds. But we remained silent because we were simple living human beings but we did not think that all they are causing lose to whom were us. For this reason, I would like to request all those brave people to come forward to mop out these insects from our beloved homeland Bangladesh.

The contrast of my story with Bangladesh’s circumstances is if you want to keep your country free from corruption you need to mop these insects out of the homeland. Only then you will able to earn a comfortable living in this Land of Rivers, Bangladesh.

The lesson I have got from my story was –
In order to sleep well you need to wake up first.”


  1. Thanks for sharing excellent informations. Your web site is very cool.

    1. Thanks for your valuable complemet! Be with us we will be sharing our experiences through this blog!



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