Monday, June 25, 2012

Industry is the key to success

Fay and Ruth are best friends from very mere age. Their families were well bonded with each other for this reason each of them was always facilitated with all that was provided to other. Gradually they grew up and understood different important things in their life. Though everything was provided to both of them equally but the cognitive knowledge was not equal in between them. When they were aged to be admitted into pre-schools both of them got admitted into the same class.

By and by the days started vanishing from their life and they were on the eighth year of their age timeline. In the school reports everything was fine but their result. They started failing every year due to the lack of care taken by their parents. They were very disheartened with their results and they made their first decision individually to march for a better result. Fay started to take unfair means in the exam by copying from others and many other ways. But Ruth did not like to take any unfair means in the exam because he thought such path will not only endanger his career but also lag him behind from all the knowledgeable things. For this reason, he thought of trying hard and spending more time with studies.
Fay always tried to attract Ruth towards the fun and enjoying life but he refused him every time because he had to shine in life. On the first year of Ruth’s hard working he could not make it to the top of the best students but Fay did it by taking unfair means in the exam. As they were best friends for this reason Ruth never disclosed the secrets of Fay’s tremendous results. But he also did not sit in the bench only he tried his best and had to face the criticizing of his parents always. But yet he did not take the unfair means and tried to spend more time in studies and this time he was on the top of the best student’s list.
Fay was astonished that he was not on the top of the list because this year everything he answered all the questions copying from others. For the fall of his rank Fay was very disheartened and then Ruth came to him and said “See we both promised ourselves that we will be on the top of the best student’s list but you are not on the top because you took unfair means in the exam and I tried my best to boost my results.” Then Fay understood what his mistake was and promised to Ruth that he will leave all the funs and enjoyments and will concentrate on his studies. Since then no one could break their records in the school’s best student’s list.

The moral of my story is -
“Industry is the key to Success.”

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