Sunday, July 1, 2012

Replacement is always there.

After the realease of our post about "Importance of Industrialism" we are now sharing our thought about attitudes.

Zoe is the best student in his campus known for performing well in the extra-curricular activities. He has been popular among his friends and teachers within his campus. Because of his multiple talents he has always got the opportunity to participate in all type of extra-curricular activities in his school, college and in his universities.

He got his group formed with the best students of his friends. Firstly he was doing very well with his group but gradually he found that every one was praising his skills and trying to get him involved in what ever the matter was. Though all these matters were supposed to be the positive one’s because he never engaged himself with any mischievous deeds. But one day morning he could not sleep well and got up early in the morning as he had to attend the classes with the Finance teacher.
So he got up earlier that morning and brushed his teeth and had his breakfast earlier than other days. He was getting ready to start for campus he got in a mess with someone in the street for a very mere reason. In the meantime Ross one of his friends came and resolved their mess and took Zoe to the class. His friend had noticed that Zoe had become stubborn and was trying to prove him to be the right one while it was fully his fault.
By the passage of time Ross forgot about what happened in the morning and the behavioral change of Zoe. They performed as well as they were before and the day came to an end. The next day Zoe was seen by Ross getting in a menace with some of his group mates for what he had been boycotted by all other group members except Ross as he was his best friend. Then Ross tried to make him understand what his fault was but he was not able to understand what he did with all his friends in at the afternoon in the playground and estranged with Ross as well. All he did this because he started thinking that he was the only boy in the campus and in his friend circle who is capable of performing well in any tasks. But his such attitude mislead him to the alternated path where there was no one left to wait for him to perform or to take pride or to give hope to him for the betterment or Blah! Blah! Blah!
Suddenly he noticed there were no one left to talk to him or listen to what he says. When it came to campus performance he went to the rehearsals and saw there was someone else in his position because he had not been with the group for so long for which he lost everything he had including all his prides and performance. After that day he never went to his university and his parents took him to somewhere in the countryside where there was no one existed to know him.

The moral behind sharing this post is to let you know that -

Showing excessive attitude will let you down in someone’s eyes, which has always been inspiring to you.” 

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